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Samsung Level-Over Review

Samsung Level-Over review.
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Paradigm unveils its gorgeous new Prestige Series speakers

Paradigm unveiled its latest home theater speaker line today at CEDIA, the Prestige Series. The new series comes in 7 pieces, and will be available in Q4 of this year.
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Philips bests Beats at its own game, announces Lightning-connected headphones

After Apple's silence during its iPhone 6/Apple Watch announcement yesterday, we were beginning to think the whole Lightning-connected headphone rumor was a dead end. Apparently not, as Philips has announced the first such headphones, due…
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Sonos announces exclusive new ‘HD’ music service that streams CD-quality audio

Sonos has announced the premiere of a new music service on its multi-room speaker ecosystem that will launch this month, offering millions of tracks at CD quality resolution. Called Deezer Elite, the new service will premiere this month…
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Netflix announces its first original docu-series, Chef’s Table

Netflix announced this week that it has ordered a documentary series from filmmaker David Gelb profiling a handful of figures from the international culinary world. The series, "Chef's Table," is the first original documentary series to be…
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Toshiba announces availability of its 2014 4K/UHD TVs

Toshiba's latest 4K/UHD TVs are available in stores in two new models, the L8400 and the L9400. For now, however, the each model only comes in one size, topping out at 65-inches.

U2 rocks the iPhone 6 event, offers new album free to all iTunes users

U2 closes down the Apple iPhone/Apple Watch live event, then offers its new album to all iTunes users for free. But in all today's fanfare, there were a lot of unanswered questions about the future of audio with Apple's shiny new devices.
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Netflix gifts bingers with next episode auto-play for Chromecast

Netflix announced this morning that it has integrated its proprietary "Post-Play" feature into Chromecast playback of the leading streaming service. Until today, Chromecast users were curiously immune to the cursed convenience of Netflix's…
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Amazon launches anticipated Prime Instant Video for Android

Amazon announced today that Prime subscribers in the U.S., U.K., and Germany can finally access Prime Instant Video via a long-awaited app for Android, athough you won't find it in the Google Play store.

Hands on with Dell Cast: Put Android on a monitor, but only with a Dell Venue tablet

The Dell Cast lets you put whatever is on your Dell Venue tablet on a monitor, but mirroring performance is laggy.
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Dolby Atmos is coming to Blu-ray, premieres with Transformers: Age of Extinction

Dolby announced today the release of its first Dolby Atmos-encoded Blu-ray disc, Transformers: Age of Extinction. In addition, the company announced plans for release of Dolby Atmos via Vudu, as well as Atmos home theater demonstrations in…

iPhone 6 may come with Lightning jack headphones: Here’s everything we know

A report from 9to5Mac in June revealed specs for manufacturers for the design of two new Lightning-connected headphone models. The plan raises more questions than answers as users eye their headphones' 3.5mm jacks with suspicion ahead of…