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Is Archos’ $130 TV Connect too good to be true? Sort of, but its tablets aren’t bad

Archos' TV Connect claims to pack a lot of functionality into a tiny $130 box, including access to Android apps and video conferencing, but the final product remains rough around the edges. Meanwhile, Archos' tablets aren't too shabby.

Hisense shows off U-LED to Sin City

At international CES 2013 Hisense showed off an Ultra-LED TV that it believes is commercially viable.

Vizio ringing in the new year with a 2013 TV lineup that includes enhanced smart TVs and 4K/Ultra HD technology

Known for affordable price points, can Vizio help bring 4K/UHD TV tech to the mainstream?

Braven’s trio of new Bluetooth speakers cater to the klutzy, broke, and battery-deprived

Braven's new rugged, budget and long-lasting Bluetooth speakers each play to a different audience.

Panasonic develops a 56-inch 4K OLED panel: Are your eyeballs ready?

OLED and 4K resolution were once an either/or proposition, but Panasonic has combined both with its latest prototype TV at CES 2013.

Dish Network’s Hopper takes another big leap forward in 2013

CEO John Slayton's embracing of consumers' "full blown sprint" to mobile viewing has Dish Network offering even more options and apps in the latest version of The Hopper

Hisense unveils new 4K, 3D, and Google TVs

China's Hisense continues treading into the US market with a slew of new, budget-friendly TV's, including 4K, 3D, and Google TV models, plus some kind of transparent 3D business we've not heard of before.