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Origin Omega home theater desktop Review

Origin Omega home theater desktop review.
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Why the end of New Music Tuesday signals the true death of the CD

With CD shipments declining by tens of millions each year, the format could become obsolete in the music industry by 2020. The shift to New Music Fridays will further push the listening experience toward the Web and social media.

Meet the Monster: How a funky engineer built the biggest brand in headphones

From humble origins in a bay area garage, to parties with Slash, Noel Lee of Monster Audio turned a passion project into a multi-million dollar audio brand.
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Game of Thrones dominates Comic-Con, which is less about comics, more about TV these days

When it comes to digital consumption related to Comic-Con, Game of Thrones beat out all comic book and sci-fi programs and movies for the top spot.
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Comcast’s Stream Internet TV service emerges as a Sling TV competitor, but there’s a catch

Comcast is launching a new internet TV service called Stream, and it costs less than Sling TV at $15 per month. Don't get too excited yet: it only works inside your home, and you'll need Comcast Internet service to use it.

JVC XX Elation Bluetooth headphones: Surprisingly solid sound, expectedly low price 2:13

JVC's budget-friendly Bluetooth headphones surprised us with their balanced sound, optional bass boost, and impressive battery life. For $150, it's hard to do much better.
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Why OLED will decimate LCD screens and usher in a display revolution

We’ve seen rollable OLED displays before, but the technology has been considered little more than a marketing ploy. However, an OLED expert tells us that the future of rollable displays is actually right around the corner.
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The tiny Bluetooth earbud that broke its Kickstarter goal in hours was just shut down 2:34

The Dot more than doubled its Kickstarter campaign on its first day, but there's still time to get in on what we think is one of the most practical and reasonable wire-free Bluetooth earbuds we've seen yet.
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Amazon’s answer to Chromecast is called Fling, and it’s available now

Amazon's Fling SDK allows developers to build in casting support for iOS and Android apps. It's in many ways the online retailer's answer to Google's popular Chromecast dongle.

Five all-in-one keyboards and touchpads for your HTPC

Need a convenient way to control your home theater PC without cluttering up your coffee table? Here are five great options that combine keyboard and mouse functions into one wireless gadget.