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Samsung’s new multi-room speaker pods offer 360 degrees of sound

Samsung unveils two new pod-like companions to add to its burgeoning multi-room speaker family. The WAM7500 and the WAM6500 offer a circular design aimed at filling your room with sound from just about any location.

The upcoming ’12 Monkeys’ remake will sync with your Philips Hue bulbs

Expanding on the success of Philips Hue’s integration with Sharknado and Sharknado 2, Philips Hue and Syfy have joined forces once again to create a custom ambient light track for the upcoming 12 Monkeys TV series.
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Ultimate Ears RM Review

Getting goo injected into your ears is worth it for the best portable sound ever.
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8 new Netflix original series set to premier in the new year

Shows ranging from comedies to dramas and sci-fi thrillers will join Netflix's 2015 lineup of original series.
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Affordable 4K, Quantum Dots, and all the other awesome TV trends coming in 2015

From 4K everything to cheaper OLEDs and wireless home theaters, 2015 stands to be a very exciting year in home entertainment.

Toshiba’s new 3D display technology may let mobile users switch between 2D and 3D

Toshiba, which is familiar with glasses-free 3D TVs, has announced that it has a 4K UHD 3D display that will knock your socks off without the need for cumbersome glasses. The company hints that this may have implications for mobile screens.
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Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review

This PS4 headset costs almost as much as the console, but it's worth it.
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B&W T7 vs B&O A2: Battle of the Bluetooth blue bloods

We pit two hot upscale Bluetooth speakers to see which comes out on top, and you might be surprised by the decision we arrive at.
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Pioneer Andrew Jones SP-SB03 Speaker Base Review

Andrew Jones strikes sonic gold again by designing the best sounding sound base we've heard yet.

PlayStation Now offers console-free gaming on Samsung TVs in early 2015

Sony's PlayStation Now game streaming service is coming to Samsung Smart TVs sometime in the first half of 2015.
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4K Ultra High Definition: The next evolution in TV explained 4:41

If you haven't already heard, there's a whole new kind of TV hitting store shelves. It's not another sales gimmick, it's a whole new standard. In this video e explain 4K Ultra High Definition in simple terms so anyone can…

Rock and blues icon Joe Cocker is dead today at age 70

The English singer and blues/rock icon best known for his Beatles cover "With A Little Help From My Friends" passed away today at the age of 70.