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Sony tables OLED (again) to concentrate on 4K televisions

Sony is apparently officially stepping away from OLED TV development to better focus on 4K TV, according to a recent report. The news comes as little surprise, considering the company has backed away from OLED several times already over the…

Microsoft sweetens Xbox Live with cheap games and unrestricted streaming apps

Following rumors, Microsoft has announced a suite of changes to its Xbox Live online service, including more discounted and free games, and unrestricted access to streaming apps like Netflix.
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Sonos redesigns its streaming app, adding universal search [Update: adds iOS support]

Sonos announces a refresh of its powerful streaming app, now with universal search. Head past the break to find out what the king of wireless music has in store.
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Here’s the TV shows that made the cut, and those that didn’t (Hint: SVU is still happening)

Five of the biggest television networks in the U.S. announced today a string of shows that have been renewed and canceled in advance of the upcoming 2014-2015 TV season. Among the big shows to get the axe were Community, Revolution, and How…

Free NYU course teaches you to mix music with Peter Gabriel tracks

A new free online course from NYU helps users learn how to mix and produce audio through the use of free software, and a nice helping of Peter Gabriel tunes.
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Denon destroys price barriers with $250 A/V receiver armed with Bluetooth, 4K

Denon has unleashed three new AV receivers under its "S-Series," featuring the sort of goodies you'd expect in higher-priced models. Among them is a $250 model with 4K passthrough, Dual subwoofer outputs, and Bluetooth wireless music…
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FCC’s revisions would ban throttling, but leave paid ‘fast lanes’ open

Under growing pressure from a host of major tech firms and net neutrality advocates, the FCC today announced new revisions to its new net neutrality regulations. However, pay-for-priority deals are still alive and well under the new draft.
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First trailer for Constantine series hints at dark things for DC Comics’ occult detective

NBC debuts the first footage from its upcoming series Constantine, featuring the supernatural adventures of DC Comics' occult detective John Constantine.
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While Comcast and Time Warner plan their marriage, other networks cry foul

Cogent's David Schaeffer tells congress why, even without Time Warner, Comcast already exerts excessive influence over the Internet, extracting unprecedented fees for access to its huge cache of subscribers. Do we really want a bigger…
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From Compton to Cupertino: Why purchasing Beats is a smart move for Apple

With iTunes sales on the decline, iTunes Radio floundering, and an opportunity to access new revenue streams through an extremely popular hardware brand, Apple's acquisition of Beats makes a lot of sense.
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Netflix tacks $1 onto its basic streaming plan, adds $8 budget plan

The leading media-streaming service confirmed today via blog post the plan to increase the price of its $8-per-month streaming plan. Netflix announced that it will be adding on $1 to bring the total cost for new subscribers to $9. Current…
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Bang & Olufsen’s 4K Avant isn’t a TV, it’s a motorized conversation piece

Bang & Olufsen's latest television, the BeoVision Avant, has the latest tech, including 4K Ultra High-Definition resolution and a strong 3-channel audio system. But those are beside the point, because it's all about a premium lifestyle…