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Time Warner mulling “premium” on-demand movies?

Would you be willing to pay $30 to $50 for a "premium" on-demand movie in your home?

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Logitech: remotes are out of control

A study commissioned by Logitech finds a third of U.S. living rooms have four or more remote controls...and that number is over half in the UK, France, and Australia.

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ESPN 3D faces an uncertain future

ESPN admits it's unsure about the future of 3D TV programming, but will commit for at least another year. Will it finally catch on, or is 3D just not welcome in the home?

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Jays t-Jays Three Review

The t-Jays Three earphones by Swedish manufacturer Jays offer outstanding sound quality, but feature an awkward design that may be uncomfortable for some users.

  • Pros: Wide, surrounding sound range , Deep, controlled bass , Long…
  • Cons: Awkward fitting , Thin cord

Samsung and Yahoo expand Connected TV, say viewers don’t want the full Internet

Yahoo and Samsung have expanded their TV partnership to 26 more countries. The partnership puts Yahoo widgets on Samsung's app TVs, but doesn't allow full Internet browsing.


Apple TV (2010) Review

Apple's redesigned Apple TV shrinks considerably in size and price, but does it add enough features to stay competitive in a rapidly expanding field.

  • Pros: Extremely competitive price point , Best Netflix integration…
  • Cons: Can only rent, not buy, from iTunes , Poor out-of-box file…

Redbox planning movie streaming in 2011

DVD kiosk operator Redbox plans get into the streaming movies business with a partner in 2011...but doesn't yet know who the partner will be.

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Roku turns off PlayOn

Just days after PlayOn support came to Roku set-top streaming video players...it's gone.

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Boxee and Roku make streaming video moves

Streaming set-top box maker Boxee is adding content from Vudu, while Roku has picked up content from PlayOn...and offers licenses for its platform.


Axiom Epic Grand Master 500 Review

The Grandmaster 500 speaker system from Axiom Audio offers knockout performance at an extremely reasonable price.

  • Pros: Excellent sound and build quality , Space conscious cabinet…
  • Cons: Bulky subwoofer , Premium finish options are expensive…

Adobe Air 2.5 embraces desktop, mobile, and televisions

Adobe Air 2.5 embraces desktop and mobile platforms...and will be at the guts of Samsung's SmartTVs.

Android Army

Do I really want to watch sports on a 3D TV?

Television manufacturers and broadcasters like ESPN paint 3D as the wave of the future for sports fanatics, but do you really want to watch sports on a 3D TV? Making the switch is a toss up for hardcore fans.

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ABC, NBC and CBS block Google TV

ABC, NBC and CBS have blocked streaming access to Google TV in a wrestling match over the future of TV distribution.


Sonic’s RoxioNow online movie stores launching in hundreds of products

Netflix and Amazon and iTunes might have a lot of buzz, but Sonic Solutions' RoxioNow online movie stores are launching in hundreds of devices this season.

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Sony expects U.S. TV prices to fall, LG profits plummet

Sony's TV division head tells reporters that TV prices will fall. LG Display posts a 62 percent drop in profits.