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Taylor Swift calls Spotify ‘a grand experiment,’ explains decision to ditch it

In a recent interview, Taylor Swift explains her reasons behind the decision to pull her music from Spotify, as well as her belief in the power of the album over the single.
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FCC leaks secretive new streaming stick from Walmart, the Vudu Spark

Information has leaked of the Vudu Spark streaming stick coming from Walmart to compete with the Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV sticks.
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Amazon’s new smart speaker is like Siri crossed with a jukebox

Amazon came out of nowhere today to drop a new smart speaker, Echo, which uses the cloud and voice operation to move beyond a wireless speaker into the realm of personal digital assistant.
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Two’s company: Showtime to follow HBO next year with Internet-only service

Weeks after similar HBO announced it would break away from cable in 2015 to offer a standalone service, CBS CEO Les Moonves announced Showtime will "fairly definitely" have its own Internet-only offering next year.
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Netflix is going to adapt ‘Series of Unfortunate Events’ into a TV show

Lemony Snickets' A Series of Unfortunate Events, a movie that was based on the popular book series, is being adapted into a TV show by Netflix.
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Take calls and listen to music ears-free with these bone conduction sunglasses

Thanks to the magic of Bluetooth and bone conduction technology, Buhel's sunglasses pass phone call and music sound through your cranium so you can go hands-free and ears-free.
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Yamaha SRT-1000 Review

Surround sound from a box doesn't get more convincing than this.
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To keep TV shows alive, viewing is voting. But what’s the best way to watch?

Watching your favorite show on Netflix and buying an episode from iTunes are not created equal. Which will help keep the best shows on TV around for another season? We ranked eight different ways to watch.

Xiaomi set to invest $1 billion in Internet TV

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi announced intentions to spend $1 billion developing its Internet TV division.
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Rovi rushes in to rescue Fan TV, set-top box may live on

Following rumors of a potential sale, it has been confirmed that Rovi has acquired Fan TV, which means the Fan TV set-top box may live on.
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Fire TV adds tablet games, Android mirroring to its bag of tricks

A new update to Amazon's flagship streaming device allows users with the optional game controller to play a host of tablet games on the device, as well as allowing screen mirroring without signing in to an accompanying Amazon account.