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New Turtle Beach headsets work with any console, let you adjust the drivers yourself

The Turtle has landed. Turtle Beach's Seven Series solves the incompatibility between headsets on different consoles with unique connectors, while its new Ear Force models have drivers you actually rotate to adjust your own surround-sound…

Native Union’s brick-shaped Switch Bluetooth speaker has a few tricks up its sleeve

Belying its simplistic design, Native Union's Switch is a full-featured Bluetooth speaker.

Escort MobileTV gives your iDevice an antenna for free on-the-go TV

Escort MobileTV puts a new face on an old technology by adding a TV tuner to your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

LG throws CES 2013 a curveball with a gently arcing 55-inch OLED TV

This year's CES has brought us supersized OLED panels, 4K OLED panels, and now, curved OLED panels.

The new Slingbox: The ultimate TV companion

The new features of the Sling Box 500 makes you the supreme master of your TV and video content from almost anywhere
Android Army

Is Archos’ $130 TV Connect too good to be true? Sort of, but its tablets aren’t bad

Archos' TV Connect claims to pack a lot of functionality into a tiny $130 box, including access to Android apps and video conferencing, but the final product remains rough around the edges. Meanwhile, Archos' tablets aren't too shabby.

Hisense shows off U-LED to Sin City

At international CES 2013 Hisense showed off an Ultra-LED TV that it believes is commercially viable.