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Xiaomi set to invest $1 billion in Internet TV

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi announced intentions to spend $1 billion developing its Internet TV division.
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Rovi rushes in to rescue Fan TV, set-top box may live on

Following rumors of a potential sale, it has been confirmed that Rovi has acquired Fan TV, which means the Fan TV set-top box may live on.
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Fire TV adds tablet games, Android mirroring to its bag of tricks

A new update to Amazon's flagship streaming device allows users with the optional game controller to play a host of tablet games on the device, as well as allowing screen mirroring without signing in to an accompanying Amazon account.
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AMC holds The Walking Dead ransom in dispute with DirecTV

DirecTV subscribers may have to turn to other means to get their zombie drama fix, as a dispute with AMC could see the network go dark on the satellite provider's services.

DT Giveaway: Win a free pair of V-Moda XS premium on-ear headphones

Click for your chance to win a free pair of the sleek and stealthy V-Moda XS on-ear headphones.

Samuel L Jackson would approve of Beats on a plane, which Southwest now streams for free

Offering one more reason to fly Southwest, the airline announced a new partnership with Apple's Beats Music that will see the service offered free to passengers aboard all Wi-Fi enabled Southwest aircraft.
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Samsung shelves OLED in favor of Quantum Dot display tech for next-gen televisions

Samsung won't be bringing any OLED TVs to CES 2015, but we may see some new displays using Quantum Dot technology. Will LG follow suit, or will it keep pressing forward with OLED?
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Google Nexus Player by Asus Review

Late to the game: Google's Nexus Player is a sapling in a forest of redwoods.
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Get ready to control your Sonos system with your smartwatch

It appears Sonos is beta-testing an Android Wear control app for its wireless multi-room audio systems which would give users quick and easy control over music playback without the need for a smartphone. Could Apple Watch control also be in…
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This is what happens when Bang & Olufsen decides to make a portable Bluetooth speaker

Bang & Olufsen's BeoPLay A2 Bluetooth speaker may not be especially outlandish-looking, but it sounds great and offers best-in-class battery life, pairing for up to 8 devices, a deceivingly useful leather strap for portability.
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Roku scores another barrel of content, adds Google Play Movies & TV

Roku pads its massive collection of apps, adding Google Play Movies & TV, now available on all current devices.

The JookBox portable speaker makes everyone at the party a DJ

Part multi-room speaker, part portable companion, the JookBox uses a specialized app to allow multiple users to add their own flavor to the playlist on as many as 10 speakers at a time.