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Samsung’s CES salvo includes OLED and Ultra HD TVs, smart cams, Ultrabooks and more

After a number of pre-show teases, Samsung still impressed CES 2013 audiences with a wide variety of new gear, from OLED and 4K televisions to long-life Ultrabooks, Wi-Fi cameras and a mammoth multitouch monitor for Windows 8.

Samsung unleashes 2013 TV line-up, including 85-inch Ultra HD and 55-inch OLED models

Samsung's 2013 TV lineup includes a goliath 85-inch Ultra HD model, a 55-inch OLED still shrouded in mystery, and more refined Smart TVs further down the line.

Panasonic at CES: Write on your HDTV and try on some ‘bone-conducting’ headphones

Panasonic talks HDTVs, partnerships, cord-free media devices, and bone-conducted music technology at its CES 2013 press conference.

Forget about Dre? Monster rolls out plenty of celebrity tie-ins at CES

Monster threw a star-studded press event to reveal several new lines of headphones, including a gaming headset that it will make for EA Sports.

Welcome back! Sharp renews focus on home theater with 4K, glare-reducing tech, and something called IGZO

Sharp brings out the big guns in its CES opening press conference, showing off its new LCD technology, glare-reducing screens, and bringing back that 8K television. And it's only just the beginning as we'll go hands on with the products…

LG’s 55-inch OLED TV will sell for $12,000 in March

LG's gorgeous OLED displays will hit the United States in March, joining a line of 47 new HDTVs, seven new Google TVs, four new soundbars, and other products from its CES 2013 announcements.

Asus puts a geometric spin on Google TV with the Qube set-top box

Asus takes a design cue from Boxee with the strikingly square Qube set-top box, which dresses Google TV in a unique cube-based interface to match its look.

Samsung reveals new home theater gear ahead of CES 2013

Samsung's new digital audio line-up is armed to the teeth with all kinds of fancy tech.

Roundup: LG’s 2013 A/V line-up condensed for your geeky pleasure

If you missed LG's string of announcements over the holidays, we've assembled the details here in a roundup of the company's news for CES 2013.
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