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YouTube developing live 360-degree video streaming capability, says new report

YouTube is meeting with camera manufacturers in an effort to introduce live 360-degree video streaming to its platform, says a new report. Sources close to the company claim it could develop the software needed for live 360-degree video…
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Sony waits out the pack, plans Ultra HD Blu-ray player release in 2017

Sony was conspicuously absent among the companies showing off Ultra HD Blu-ray players at CES this year. Now the company has finally confirmed it has one in the works, but we may not see it until next year.

Michael Jackson used to watch vids of Prince's on-stage failures for laughs

Legendary pop star Michael Jackson used to enjoy watching clips of fellow pop star Prince messing up, according to a story from a recent memoir by legendary record producer L.A. Reid.
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Ready to see YouTube Red? Original movies and new series get premiere dates

YouTube Red is ready to show members more of what is has to offer. The YouTube subscription service's first three films and a new PewDiePie series are all set to premiere on February 10.
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Ambitious new CMT drama features Elvis, Johnny Cash, and the birth of Rock & Roll

A new 8-part drama series about the birth of Rock & Roll and some of its most pivotal members, including Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley will air on CMT, with the Network claiming the project is among its 'most ambitious projects ever.'
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Amazon is bringing Alexa’s charms to the first-gen Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

While the latest generation Fire TV added support for Alexa, first seen in the Echo, owners of the first generation devices were left out. Not anymore, as a coming software update will bring Alexa and other features to Amazon's first-gen…

Want pizza in your tummy? Just ask Alexa, and Domino’s will deliver you one

Amazon Echo will soon learn a new skill: Ask the app to order you a pizza, and if you have it synced with your Domino's Pizza Profile, your Easy Order will soon be on its way to your home.
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BBC One to air new drama based on gruesome historic London murders

BBC has ordered a three-part series based on the murders of eight women at Rillington Place in London by serial killer John Christie, and the wrongful conviction and hanging of his tenant Timothy Evans.
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Philips Screeneo Smart LED Projector Review

Just add popcorn: Philips' Screeneo turns any room into your personal theater.
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Get ready for Key and Peele to inject Super Bowl 50 with comedic commentary 0:30

If you're not all that serious about the upcoming Super Bowl, Key and Peele are offering Real Talk and an alternative to the straight-forward commentary fans have become accustomed to.
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These smart earplugs will change the way you hear the world 2:43

Doppler Labs’ new Here Active Listening system offers a brilliantly simple way to enhance, augment, and silence the world around you in real time, like augmented reality for your ears.
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Instagram debuts first-ever scripted series, to be broadcast daily in 28 episodes

Instagram has posted the first episode of its first-ever original series. Shield 5 is 28-part gritty thriller that will be broadcast throughout February, each comprised of a 15-second video clip and corresponding image.