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Shazam now lets users play music videos for identified songs and share via iMessage

Shazam has teamed up with Portland-based music video platform Vadio to offer in-app playback of music videos or live performances for identified songs, letting users listen without having to be redirected to another app.

Great deal! Xiaomi’s new Mi Box set-top streamer comes with freebies

Xiaomi's Mi Box Android TV media streamer is here to shake up the industry. For just $69, it offers high-end features like 4K HDR support. Currently for sale at Walmart, the Mi Box comes bundled with generous Vudu, Sling TV, and Pandora…
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‘Say Yes!’ Elliot Smith lives on in Joe Spadaro’s latest killer compilation

Say Yes: The Music of Elliott Smith is the latest in a long lineup of killer compilations from Joe Spadaro, who spoke to Digital Trends about American Laundromat Records, his iconic basement operation.
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Spin your wax on a cushion of air with this levitating turntable

If you love vinyl but don’t like how un-futuristic your turntable is, the gravity-defying Mag-Lev Audio turntable might be right up your alley, featuring a platter that hovers over the rest of the turntable when in use.

FCC slaps Comcast with $2.3 million fine, its biggest ever for a cable company

Comcast has been hit with the biggest cable fine the FCC has ever issued, this time over cramming, or charging customers for equipment they weren't aware of. The company will also have to change some of its business practices.
Virtual Reality

Sports Illustrated tackles VR with first-person documentary ‘Capturing Everest’

Sports Illustrated promises to capture "the first complete ascent of Everest in VR" as part of its upcoming virtual reality miniseries Capturing Everest, giving VR enthusiasts an opportunity to experience the treacherous climb…
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Music to our ears: Astell & Kern’s high-res audio players to get Tidal integration

For some time, Astell & Kern has promised that Tidal integration was coming to its portable digital audio players, and now it has finally begun to arrive via a tiered over the air update.
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Add multiroom streaming to your Bluetooth speakers with the Cassia Hub

Are you looking to add multiroom connectivity to your Bluetooth speaker collection? The Cassia Hub with BlueStream does exactly that, acting as a hub and broadcasting to your other speakers.
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Like a sonic howitzer, there's no hiding Q Acoustics' massive M4 soundbar

You don't need fake surround sound from a soundbar, and Q Acoustics M4 proves it with its impressively wide sound stage and beautifully focused sound quality. We've been trying it out.
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Morphin time grows near: New 'Power Rangers' movie gets its first official trailer

The next Power Rangers movie seems like a hard reset for the franchise. How much has changed, and what does the future of the series look like? Here is everything we know about the cast, crew, costumes, and more.

Samsung builds on the cylindrical digital assistant design by cramming in a full PC

Later this month, Samsung is shipping the Pulse desktop, a cylinder-shaped PC with a Harmon Kardon 360-degree omni-directional speaker module seated on top. This PC will be served up in an Intel Core i5 Skylake and Core i7 design.

You need HDMI 2.0 to enjoy your 4K monitor at 60Hz, but you probably don't need new cables

If you want a 4K monitor, you're going to need a video card that can drive it, which probably means you have to upgrade. But your existing HDMI cables should be fine.