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Understand languages you’ve never learned with the Pilot translation earpiece

Even those who speak multiple languages likely can't understand everyone, but that could change thanks to a new wearable from the NYC-based Waverly Labs that seems like a science fiction gadget made real.

Video from NBC, Univision, Tidal, and more now part of T-Mobile's Binge On

T-Mobile's Binge On benefit is expanding again. Its newest partners include NBC, Univision, Tidal, Google Play Music, NOGGIN, and others. The total number of participating providers now numbers more than 80, according to the carrier.
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Yamaha unwraps 6 hi-res receivers with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and multiroom sound

Yamaha continues to expand its multiroom offerings with a total of six MusicCast-enabled A/V receivers in its new Aventage RX-A 60 line, all of which offer support for high-resolution audio.
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Kevin Smith is adapting 1980s cult favorite ‘Buckaroo Banzai’ for television

Kevin Smith has outlined plans to bring the 1980s cult favorite Buckaroo Banzai to the small screen in comments made during an episode of his Hollywood Babble-On podcast.
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BitTorrent Live aims to save live-streaming video from lag issues, outages

Streaming video providers aim for massive audiences, but those audiences also drive up costs and can result in latency or even outages. BitTorrent Live, a new live-streaming video platform, aims to fix that.
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Amazon’s Alexa assistant can now open apps, find restaurants on Fire TV devices

Amazon's Alexa assistant is gaining a few new tricks on the retailer's Fire TV set-top boxes. It can now play movie and TV shows more directly, for one, plus pull up movie theater showtimes and find nearby restaurants.
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Study: Sports fans want all games online — and they’re willing to pay for it

Sports streaming options are increasing, but there still isn't an all-sports internet subscription channel out there. A new study suggests that there should be, though, given sports fans' willingness to pay for it.
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Watch the best teams in the NBA battle in the conference finals, online

The NBA playoffs are about to get more intense, as the conference finals begin. We know you don't want to miss a second of the drama, so here's how to stream all the NBA Playoffs action online.
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AT&T buys streaming partner to deliver TV ‘however, whenever, and wherever’

AT&T announced today that it will acquire Quickplay, the company powering its multiple upcoming DirecTV streaming plans, as well as offerings from numerous other companies including Verizon, Samsung, and more.
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Game of Thrones season 6, episode 4 recap: A touching reunion and a fiery farewell

On the latest episode of Game of Thrones, Book of the Stranger, Jon and Sansa reunite, Daenarys faces the judgment of the khals, and Tyrion tries to negotiate a peace treaty. Here is our recap of the events.
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The BBC goes after Netflix head-on with aptly named Britflix

While the BBC's iPlayer makes some of its content available online, that may just be the start. It is reportedly working with other networks, including iTV and NBCUniversal, to plan a streaming competitor for Netflix. The working title?…