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Pump up the jams with iHome’s Bluetooth Vanity Mirror Speaker

To help usher everyone's bathroom into the 21st Century, speaker manufacturer iHome just unveiled its innovative Vanity Mirror Speaker, which gives users the ability to listen to their favorite tunes while doing their makeup.
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Drop the box! Samsung TVs, Rokus will soon host Comcast’s Xfinity service

Comcast subscribers may soon choose not to lease a set-top box from the cable provider. The company has announced that its Xfinity app is coming to Roku and Samsung TVs, plus additional devices in the future.

Michael Jackson’s estate faces billion-dollar legal battle with IRS

Michael Jackson's estate claims it was worth $2,105 at the time of his death, but the IRS claims it was worth $434 million, and a billion-dollar legal battle between the two is underway.
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Come and knock on our door: Three's Company reboot in the works

Three's Company may be adapted into a movie, as New Line is reportedly eyeing the movie rights to the popular '70s and '80s sitcom, which starred Suzanne Somers and Joyce Dewitt as platonic roommates with John Ritter.
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Pioneer introduces two new 4K-ready A/V receivers loaded with wireless connectivity

Today Pioneer introduced two new A/V receivers, the VSX-1131 and VSX-831. Both models support 4K video and wireless connectivity including Google Cast, AirPlay, FireConnect, and more.

Personal notebook from Freddie Mercury’s last days to be auctioned for thousands

A notebook which was owned by legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury during the last three years of his life will be auctioned in the U.K. The diary contains nearly 20 songs penned by the famous musician, along with notes and
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NBCUniversal's comedy streaming service to allow subscriptions via Amazon

NBCUniversal’s ad-free comedy-only streaming service debuted in January, and soon it will join Starz, Showtime, and a number of other streaming services in allowing users to subscribe via Amazon this spring.
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Dish Network customers, prepare to lose some serious channels

It's D-Day for Viacom, which means devastation for television fans everywhere. Negotiations between the media company and satellite television provider Dish Network have disintegrated.
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Roku Streaming Stick (2016) Review

Roku's new Streaming Stick is smaller, speedier, and as slick as ever.

Sennheiser wants you to use your cameras to record audio that doesn’t suck

At NAB 2016, Sennheiser unveiled two new microphones that allow videographers using DSLRs and GoPros to capture better-sounding audio than the cameras' built-in mics. They allow for enhanced audio capture, something onboard camera mics…
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Netflix and roll? CEO opens the door for offline viewing

Netflix may offer more than just streaming in the future. The company's CEO, Reed Hastings, revealed that the internet TV network should "keep an open mind" when it comes to offline viewing.
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Die-hard Better Call Saul fans find hidden clue about season 3

Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould cleverly hid a major clue about season 3 via an anagram in this season's episode titles, and clever fans have already found it before the series' creators had the chance to reveal its existence.