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Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit named most iconic song by new study

The grunge rocker topped a list of most iconic songs determined by similar key traits in key, lyrical content, timbral variety and other attributes. The University of London study used analytical software to examine a list of 50 top songs.
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No Netflix for Quentin Tarantino: The filmmaker prefers DVD, VHS formats

Believe it or not, Quentin Tarantino still tapes movies off TV. The filmmaker reveals in a new book by Tom Roston that he favors the DVD and VHS formats over streaming and doesn't use Netflix.
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Here’s what’s new on Netflix in October, and what’s going away 1:54

Here's a complete list of what's new on Netflix for October, and which titles will be removed this month, to help you catch up on all your bingeing and make sure you don't miss those titles heading into the ether.

The beat goes on: This drummer uses a bionic arm to lay down the groove

Jason Barnes, a drummer who lost a limb due to an accident, now plays his instrument with the help of a bionic arm. The arm functions by picking up on electrical signals from his upper arm which control the grip and speed of the drumstick.

What to expect from the Google event: Android M, new Nexus phones, Chromecast 2

Google's Nexus event kicks off on September 29 at 9 a.m. PST. Here's everything we expect to see, including the Huawei Nexus P, the LG Nexus 5X, Android M, Chromecast 2, Android TV, Android Auto, and more.
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AMC closes out season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead with launch of Web series Flight 462

The first season of Fear the Walking Dead is quickly approaching its finale, but fans will be comforted to know that AMC is preparing to launch a new companion Web series, Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 on Oct. 4.
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New Jessica Jones teaser reveals hungover hero 0:48

Netflix and Marvel comics have revealed the second teaser for their upcoming Jessica Jones series, in which we see a hungover Jones flex her might when her alarm clock goes off in the mid-afternoon.
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Netflix made a Netflix and chill button to aid your binge-based hookups

Anyone who's ever invited someone over to "Netflix and chill" will be intrigued by the new Netflix Switch. The DIY project will provide a simple button that helps get your home ready for a successful movie night ... or whatever's…

Comfort, style, and excellent sound make KEF's new M100 a winner 1:30

Follow us on a test drive with KEF's new M100 in-ears, part of the second generation of headphones offered by the long-established British brand. Crafted from quality components, the M100 mix style and substance into a lovely…
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With a body strap and light, this speaker mixes science fiction with sporty fun 2:50

There are plenty of waterproof Bluetooth speakers out there, but not many that are also lights. Add a snap in holster and cross body strap, and the Core makes a serious statement aimed at the sport-inclined.