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5 songs you need to stream this week: Chance The Rapper, The Stone Roses, and more

Not sure what new music to listen to? We'll let you know what new tracks and albums dropping this week are worthy of your attention. Up this week: Chance the Rapper, The Stone Roses, and more.

Alexa, unleashed: Take your Amazon Echo on an adventure with this battery pack

Wish you could take your Amazon Echo outside? The Battery Base from Mission Cables gives the Bluetooth Speaker power for six hours, so it's finally portable and can play tunes on your patio.
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Between the Streams: R-rated Wolverine goes Western, Sons of Anarchy spinoff, and more

This week we're talking about the new R-rated Wolverine flick which will have a "Western tone," the new writer for the much-maligned sequel to Pacific Rim, the creepy new projects involving the Slender Man, and so much more.

One of Braven’s most popular speakers gets an update that makes it even better

Braven is already well known for its rugged Bluetooth speakers, and now it's adding another member to the family with the BRV-1M, an evolution of the company's popular BRV-1 Model.
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Feniks Audio says it created the world’s best computer speakers, and they might be right

Feniks Audio says its Essence computer speakers are the world's best, and they certainly do pack in some nice components like a 24-bit / 96kHz Gordon Rankin-designed DAC and a 4.5-inch coaxial driver, but they don't come cheap.

Tidal says Queen Bey brought in 1.2 million new users, but will they stick around?

Tidal has disclosed massive new gains in users, all stemming from the launch of Beyoncé's latest blockbuster record, Lemonade, which has been exclusively streaming on the service for weeks.

Here’s how to stream Chance the Rapper’s new mixtape — and you might not like it

Chance the Rapper has released his third mixtape Coloring Book, a star-studded follow up to 2013's acclaimed Acid Rap, but fans can only hear his new music on one streaming service.

Are you a data hog? Then Sprint wants to give you a free year of Amazon Prime

Do you consume a lot of data? Check out Sprint's Better Choice XXL plan. You'll get 40GB of high speed data for $100 per month, plus 12 months of Amazon Prime for free.
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The internet TV you always wanted is finally here, and it sucks

The streaming “revolution” is starting to look a lot like the old format we just abandoned. Here’s what’s wrong, and how to fix it.

The LG Action Cam LTE is like a GoPro on steroids

The LG Action Cam LTE appears to be just like a GoPro, but it does a whole lot more. For starters, it has 3G and LTE connectivity so you can stream any video directly to YouTube Live.

Record breakers: Five biggest weeks for album streams took place in last six months

Music streaming services have been helping albums get massive play counts, with five of the biggest weeks for streaming albums all occurring in the last six months.

Fender’s pro in-ear monitors are affordable enough for anyone to try

In January, Fender announced that in addition to its trademark guitars and amplifiers, it would begin selling a new line of in-ear monitors, and the first entries in that series are now available.