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Denon announces two feature-packed new models in its X-series of A/V receivers

Following last month's unveiling of two new models in its S Series of A/V receivers, Denon has announced the first two new models this year in its X Series line, with Dolby Atmos built in and DTS:X coming in a future update.
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Game of Thrones author George RR Martin throws fans a bone with new sample chapter

Slow-paced author George RR Martin has released a new sample chapter for the still-in-progress sixth Game of Thrones novel, The Winds of Winter, giving fans more hope the book will soon be theirs.
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Need more Sons of Anarchy? Script development has begun for the spinoff

It's still in early stages, but we're one step closer to the promised Sons of Anarchy spinoff, focusing on the Mayans Motorcycle Club, as script development has begun for the FX series, called Mayans MC.
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Star Trek fan film Axanar may not live long and prosper

Late last year, CBS and Paramount filed a lawsuit against the creators of the Star Trek fan film Axanar. While the creators argued that many of the copyright claims didn't hold up, a judge has ordered that the lawsuit will proceed.
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Having conquered Hollywood, ‘The Rock’ now wants to take on YouTube

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is taking his social media game up a notch as he readies his very own YouTube channel, set to launch this summer. The new channel will include vlogs from Johnson, alongside collaborations with other YouTube stars.

DT Premiere: World’s first FaceSwap music video is equal parts creepy, impressive

New York songwriter Anthony D'Amato has paired his new single with Snapchat, creating the world's first selfie FaceSwap music video, using his iPhone 6 and the features of numerous celebrities.
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Dangerous beauty: Amazon’s Neon Demon gets theatrical release date, trailer

Amazon Studios' much-anticipated horror flick The Neon Demon finally has a release date. Viewers will be able to catch it in theaters this summer, or later watch it on Amazon Prime Video.
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Carry your own drive-in theater with this collapsible, car-mounted movie screen

Salt Lake City-based Hitch Theaters wants to turn the hitch of your truck into a portable drive-in theater screen. All you need to bring is the movie, the popcorn, and a date.
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ESPN and Verizon reach settlement in FiOS Custom TV lawsuit

Last year, shortly after Verizon introduced its FiOS Custom TV skinny bundles, ESPN sued over its channels being relegated to a separate sports package. Now the two companies have settled, though the terms haven't been disclosed.
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Pioneer offers up 4K and HDR on a budget with its new entry-level A/V receiver

Are you looking for an HDR-ready A/V receiver to pair with your new TV but don't have much cash left over? Pioneer's new VSX-531 offers up all the basics, and it can be had for less than $300.
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Amazon wants to become the next YouTube with Video Direct

Amazon's gunning for YouTube with Video Direct, a new platform for independent video creators that'll see the retailer earn revenue from video views, subscriptions, and sales.

Grimes curates new exhibit that lets fans touch her song from the inside

Famed Canadian electronic musician Grimes has partnered with Microsoft for a special exhibit at this year's Moogfest, allowing fans to physically mold the sound of one of her singles.