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Sharp’s P9500 Series quantum dot TV stands out in a jam-packed 2017 lineup

Sharp unveiled its 2017 TV lineup at CES, which features 21 different models, including a new 75-inch quantum dot model and plenty of others with support for HDR and wide color gamut.
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Monster teases true wireless earbuds powered by new AirLink tech

True wireless technology is all the rage in headphones, and Monster is jumping onboard at CES with its latest headphones and true wireless earbuds, both of which are powered by its new AirLink technology.
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TCL plans to release 25 Roku TVs in 2017, all featuring high dynamic range

TCL seems to have a big year ahead of it, with the company announcing that it will release 25 Roku TV models across three series in 2017, all of which feature HDR support, with many supporting Dolby Vision.
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Technics' latest speakers promise crystal-clear sound, amazing stereo imaging

Technics has been on a hot streak recently, and the company seems keen on keeping it up with its new Grand Class SB-G90 Speaker System, debuting at CES 2017 alongside other premium audio gear.
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Latest version of HDMI comes packing support for 8K resolution and Dynamic HDR

HDMI is more than just a type of cable, and the latest version of the specification has been unveiled, bringing support for 8K resolution and Dynamic HDR, as well as more audio formats with eARC.
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As thin as cardboard, LG’s ‘wallpaper’ OLED TV slaps on your wall like a poster

LG's new flagship OLED TV, the W series, is remarkably thin, mounts flush against a wall, and comes with a Dolby Atmos sound bar that offers strikingly convincing surround sound effects.
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Lemon’s new Bluetooth speaker harnesses the power of the sun for off-the-grid fun

Crowdfunded startup Lemon has created a new Bluetooth speaker with an impressive feature set, including water resistance, stereo pairing, and a backside loaded with solar panels for charging off the grid.

Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote has raised more than $1 million on Kickstarter

A new smart remote control from Paris-based Sevenhugs promises to revolutionize the way you control your smart home appliances. It launched on Kickstarter last year and has earned over $1 million in funding from more than 6,000 backers
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Mohu's Airwave promises the best of over-the-air and streaming TV

Aiming to bring free TV to cord-cutters everywhere, Mohu has announced the Airwave, which adds broadcast TV channels to your favorite streaming hardware, including Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.
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Samsung QLED TV explained: Daring design, pristine picture, more smarts

Samsung's QLED TV line is a step up from SUHD in many ways, including better brightness, black levels, and viewing angles. But it isn't the OLED killer you might expect.
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PKparis debuts its K'asq Sport true wireless earbuds at CES 2017

PKparis debuted its K'asq true wireless headphones in June, and now it is following up with the K'asq Sport earbuds, which offer the same five-hour battery life, but are meant for those who like to stay active.

Nuheara blends streaming audio and real world sound with wireless IQbuds

Nuheara IQbuds start shipping to backers with advanced speech amplification, high-end sound fidelity, blended hearing, and tap-touch control, hoping to take on Doppler Labs' new Hear One headphones for 'hearable' supremacy