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Phiaton Launches Audio Line in U.S.

Phiaton Launches Audio Line in U.S.

Though we saw South-Korean audio  manufacturer Cresyn Company spin off its new Phiaton brand of high-end audio gear back at CES in January, U.S. consumers were never able to get their hands on the company’s carbon-fiber and crocodile-skin cans – until now. Phiaton announced on Thursday that it has brought its entire line-up of exotic speakers and headphones stateside.

Phiaton’s products include both the faux-croc-skin Primal line and automotive-inspired Moderna line, which seems to take styling cues directly from the books of Porsche and Ferrari.

The Primal line includes a high-end set of earbuds, the PS200, as well as the PS500, a pair of audiophile-targeted headphones that uses 50mm titanium drivers to deliver better bass and dynamic range. The PS200 earbuds retail for $249 while the PS500 headphones are the most expensive in Phiaton’s line, at $299.

The Moderna series features two sets of headphones: the MS400 and MS300, priced $50 apart at $249 and $199, respectively. Both use carbon fiber for strong, lightweight shells, and get a modular foldable design with a carrying case.

In addition to its headphones, Phiaton offers the MS600 iPod dock, a futuristic-styled dock designed to deliver full-bodied bass using a 60-watt class D amp. It’s also one of the more expensive ones on the market at $349.