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Pioneer’s DVR-310-S to hit store shelves

The first new DVD recorder, which will hit store shelves this month, is Pioneer’s DVR-310-S.  This entry-level DVD recorder allows families to replace outdated VCRs with simple one-button recording for televised content as well as home movies directly onto DVD discs.  Before the Christmas season is over, Pioneer Electronics, a world leader in home entertainment technology, will introduce three additional products including two that combine the benefits of home DVD recording with the convenience of the popular TiVo® service and hard drive storage capabilities.

“Personal DVD recording will be the most desirable digital video product this holiday season,” said Richard Doherty, research director for The Envisioneering Group. “Pioneer was the first company to bring DVD recording to professionals – and soon tamed it for consumers; their expertise shows throughout this new consumer DVD recorder family.”

“DVD recording will be the hot consumer electronics trend of the 2004 holiday season,” said Russ Johnston, senior vice president of marketing for home entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.  “The DVR-310 is one of four new products that for the first time will make DVD recording affordable for the mainstream while also combining the latest technologies that are driving home television viewing.  We can now give consumers the ability to choose from a broad range of options, features and price points, while also allowing them to consolidate the number of audio/video components they have in their home entertainment centers.”

  • The DVR-57H and DVR-810H-S are the world’s first DVD recorders featuring the TiVo service. These new recorders offer consumers the control provided by the easy-to-use TiVo service integrated with advanced DVD recording for the option of short-term storage on a hard drive or long-term archival of broadcast programming from the hard drive onto DVD-R/DVD-RW discs. The DVR-57H comes equipped with a 120-gigabyte hard disc drive, while the DVR-810H offers an 80-gigabyte hard disc drive.
  • The DVR-510H-S with its 80-gigabyte hard disc drive, offers expanded capabilities including the ability to playback a DVD while recording onto the hard drive or to play programs from the hard drive while recording onto DVD.  The hard drive also enables consumers to watch programs from the beginning while the recorder simultaneously finishes the recording. Content from the hard drive can also be transferred to a DVD for long term storage.  A one hour program recorded in EP mode can be transferred to a 4x DVD-R disc in about 2 ½ minutes. Unique to the DVR-510H is the ability to choose from nine graphical title menus for Video Mode recording, taking your home made DVD to the next level.
  • The DVR-310-S is a great entry-level DVD recorder for anyone interested in replacing an outdated VCR with simple one-button recording.  This easy-to-use DVD recorder, also offers progressive scan playback as well as compressed audio playback of MP3 and Windows Media Audio