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Roku SoundBridge Now Ships With Free WiFi

SoundBridge is the stylish network music player that streams digital music and Internet radio from any computer to powered speakers or a stereo system. SoundBridge features a bright, vacuumflorescent display and an ergonomic remote control, so consumers can conveniently play digital music, change songs, look for new artists or create playlists, from the comfort of a chair or couchwithout having to touch their computers.

Roku is giving customers who ordered SoundBridge before today three added value options. They can receive a Roku-tested Wi-Fi card, take $100 off the purchase of another SoundBridge or a HD1000 high-definition digital media player, or get a $50 refund. Roku customers can go to www.rokulabs.com/support/wifioffer for more details.

“Roku SoundBridge was designed to be appealing for the living room and kitchen, with a unique display and remote control so consumers don’t have to go anywhere near their laptops or desktops to play digital music,” said Roku Founder and CEO Anthony Wood. “Now that Wi-Fi is included with all SoundBridge models, there are even more reasons why SoundBridge is the perfect network music player for any home.”

SoundBridge plays digital music in major audio formats, including AAC, the audio file format used by iTunes software jukebox. SoundBridge is the first network music player that has a license from Apple to make it compatible with iTunes, Apple’s popular digital jukebox for organizing, sharing and enjoying music. This means that consumers who use iTunes can add SoundBridge to their home networks and instantly begin playing digital music, including iTunes playlists, smart playlists without installing additional software.

Pricing and Availability

Roku SoundBridge comes in two models. Roku SoundBridge M1000 is 10 inches wide x 2.37 inches in diameter and sells for $249.99. Roku SoundBridge M2000 is 17 inches wide x 2.75 inches in diameter and sells for $499.99. Consumers can purchase Roku SoundBridge and accessories, including a mounting rack at www.rokulabs.com.