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Roku turns off PlayOn

Just a few days after adding support for PlayOn streaming video content from the likes of Hulu, TBS, CBS, and ESPN came to the Roku set-top box…it’s gone. The PlayOn channels have now been removed and are no longer available to Roku users, with Roku citing “legal exposure” as the reason for its removal.

“While we understand that many of you are excited about a PlayOn-compatible Channel and may be using it, it unfortunately presents the possibility of legal exposure for us,” Roku wrote on its support forums. “As a result, the current PlayOn channels have been removed and are no longer available to add to your Roku player.”

PlayOn is pleading ignorance in the matter, saying that neither the Roku channel developer or Roku are affiliated with PlayOn, and while they were thrilled to see a PlayOn channel for Roku players, they “have no control over the situation.” PlayOn is advising customers who purchased a Roku unit explicitly to get PlayOn to see if they can exercise a 30-day refund. Users who have already managed to install the channels on their Roku devices may be able to continue using them, although they very likely will not update in the future.

The PlayOn channel for Roku was developed by a third party, although it was promoted directly by PlayOn.