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Rotel’s New RMB-1077 Amplifier

This combination lends the new Rotel appeal for high-performance, seven-channel power in custom-installation home theaters, or wherever efficient, compact, multi-channel power is required.

Key to the RMB-1077’s design is two proprietary technologies. Rotel’s Controlled Oscillation Modulation (COM) adds new levels of efficiency, stability and effectiveness from a switching-type digitalpower supply, while Rotel’s Multivariable Enhanced Cascade Control (MECC) circuit topology creates a “smart” amplifier in which the power supply and the actual amplifying circuits work cooperativelyto boost efficiency to 90%.

The result is a seven-channel, 2-1/2” tall power amplifier that is smaller than many two-channel preamplifiers, yet offers a stable, dynamic, full-bandwidth 100W from each channel. The RMB-1077 isrecommended for all home-theater configurations and with 12-volt trigger facilities for automated system integration and a detachable IEC-standard power cord, the RMB is designed to integrate easilyinto any system.

The RMB-1077 is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2005, with a MSRP of $2,499.00.