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Samsung LTM405W Tantus 40′ LCD TV review

Quote from the review at PC Stats:

“Introduced late last year, the Samsung Tantus LTM405W flatscreen television literally blew the scale off the LCD TV industry and laid claim to the title of ‘largest screen size’ with ease.The aptly named Tantus measures 40″ diagonally, making it currently the largest LCD HDTV compatible television on the market. The next closest LCD TV on the market is 37” across… but who really wants to watch a DVD on something that tiny?Backed by years of experience fabricating the LCD panels for computer monitors, Samsung took the challenge of creating a large LCD television head on and produced not only a 40″ display which is big enough to compete directly against plasma display’s, but one which is superior to plasma on many levels. As we get ready to push the button and light up the ultra-thin 2.2″ thick Samsung LTM405W screen, it’s worth noting that the display weighs in at a feathery 52lb.The thin and lightweight Tantus LTM405W just screams to be wall mounted, and an optional steel wall bracket is available for just that purpose. Just in case you want to have a massive TV just like Ozzy!”

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