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Samsung Reveals 1080p DLP, CableCard Plans

Samsung formally announced at Home Electronics Expo here that it will ship the industry’s first DLP rear projection HDTV set, based on Texas Instruments’ new xHD3 1080p Digital Micromirror Device(DMD) and Samsung’s specially developed fifth generation light engine design this fall.

The 61W-inch set, — HL-P6197W ($6,499 suggested retail, November) — will use a combination of TI’s xHD3 chip technology and Samsung’s light engine design to produce full 1080p native resolution with a dramatic reduction in the viewable micromirrors in the projected image. Contrast will be 3,000:1, aided by a seven-segment color wheel.

Steve Panosian, Samsung Visual Display Group senior marketing manager, said the new flagship DLP set would be part of the brand’s new “97 Series,” which will launch with limited distribution through select A/V specialty chains.

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