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Sharp LC-30HV6U 10-inch Aquos review

Quote from the review at Audio Revolution:

“The Sharp LC-30HV6U 30 is visually striking, with its shiny silver exterior and black accent band around the actual display window. It is capable of viewing angles of up to 170 degrees both vertically and horizontally, making it ideal for viewing in almost every possible room configuration. The Sharp LCD has a bottom-mounted speaker that is removable, which makes it work well in home theater installations where external A/V sound systems are used and the minimal approach is desired. This allows the form factor to be at its absolute minimum. And perhaps its coolest feature, a Sharp original with LCDs, a separate A/V hub that is connected to the display via a 10-inch umbilical, reducing the amount of cable that needs to be run to the display. This feature is available in some plasmas today, yet is absent from most LCD displays. Without this feature, you would need to run a multitude of cables to the display, making for a difficult installation in wall-mount applications.”

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