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Sharp’s P9500 Series quantum dot TV stands out in a jam-packed 2017 lineup

Sharp’s TV business may be owned and operated by Hisense now, but the brand still maintains its own identity. This is never more apparent than in January, when the company unveils its TVs for the following year at CES — and this year is no different.

This year, the company is unveiling a total of 21 televisions, headlined by its P9500 and P9000 series, both of which offer support for high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut. The P9500 goes a step further by using quantum dot technology, but Sharp maintains that both the P9500 and P900 function as its flagship models for 2017.

P9500 Series

With Ultra HD Premium certification, the P9500 is referred to as the “crown jewel” of Sharp’s 2017 lineup. Alongside the quantum dot technology and HDR, this model also features Motion 480, for smooth, articulate motion in fast-moving scenes in movies or TV, especially sports. Full array local dimming makes for some of the the darkest blacks outside of an OLED TV, and the Revelation upscaler takes standard and high-definition content and scales it to near-4K quality.

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While it hasn’t happened yet, Sharp expects the P9500 to receive THX certification. This mostly has to do with the picture, but the TV also features dbx-tv audio processing. Like most of Sharp’s 2017 lineup, this is a smart TV, complete with an app store and built-in web browser, as well as apps like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube preloaded.

The P9500 series is available in two different models, with the 75-inch class 75P9500U selling for $8,000, and the 70-inch class 70P9500U priced at $6,000.

P9000 Series

As the other flagship in Sharp’s 2017 lineup, the P9000 keeps many of the same features of the P9500, but is much more affordable. This model uses an edge-lit LED screen and ELED local dimming, so it won’t offer the same contrast levels as the P9500, but with HDR and wide color gamut, it still has plenty of contrast and color depth to offer.

Instead of Motion 480, this model offers Motion 240, though the same Revelation upscaler featured in the P9500 is also included here, meaning even your older movies and TV shows will look new on this TV.

There are three different available sizes for the P9000, with the largest being the 65-inch class LC-65P9000U, which will retail for $2,000. The 55-inch class LC-55P9000U is priced at $1,300, while the 50-inch LC-50P9000U will sell for $1,000.

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