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Slingbox Solo Slings HD for Under $200

Slingbox Solo Slings HD for Under $200

Sometimes watching rap battles on YouTube and grainy reruns of Pete and Pete on your computer just doesn’t cut it. Slingmedia was one of the first companies to solve this problem by offering a set-top box that would broadcast digitized cable content to a computer, the Slingbox, and it’s out to improve on that formula even more. The original Slingbox gets a makeover and new capabilities with the Slingbox Solo, announced Thursday.

The Slingbox Solo offers an intermediate step between the company’s high-end Slingbox Pro and the less capable Slingbox AV. Better than the AV model, the Solo will handle HD video, but unlike the Pro, it still won’t be able to broadcast from multiple inputs. It can support both standard and widescreen video, and broadcasts full VGA (640 x 480) video around the home.

The benefit of the Solo’s middle-of-the-line position comes out in its price of $179.99, a full $50 less than the $229.99 Pro model. The Slingbox Solo is available immediately from both Slingmedia’s Web site and major retailers.

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