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Sony announces pricing on its stunning OLED TV, and you can pre-order now

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If you've been waiting until all the cards were on the table before deciding which OLED TV to buy, new pricing information should be a big help.

We saw plenty of amazing TVs at CES earlier this year, including LG’s Wallpaper OLED TV, but what impressed us the most was the Sony XBR-A1E BRAVIA OLED 4K HDR TV line. Now the company has revealed pricing and availability for not just its 2017 OLED TVs, but a new A/V receiver and soundbars as well.

The XBR-A1E is Sony’s first large-screen OLED line, so while we were definitely enamored with the TV, pricing remained somewhat of a mystery. OLED prices are coming down, but still aren’t cheap, so the $6,500 price for the 65-inch class XBR-65A1E isn’t too surprising, nor is the $5,000 price for the 55-inch XBR-55A1E. Pricing for the largest 77-inch model, the XBR-77A1E, has not yet been revealed.

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If you’re getting a new TV, you’ll need something for sound, and Sony revealed multiple options at CES, including soundbars and its STR-DN1080 A/V receiver. The receiver features a technology referred to as “Phantom Surround Back,” which enables Dolby Atmos or DTS:X to produce sound similar to a 7.1.2-channel setup from a 5.1.2-channel speaker configuration. The STR-DN1080 will retail for $600.

Sony unveiled a pair of soundbars at CES — one compact model, and a larger, more capable flagship model. The HT-ST5000 Flagship Sound Bar packs 800 watts of power and boasts 7.1.2-channel Dolby Atmos surround sound for a price of $1,500. The HT-MT300 Compact Sound Bar takes a more minimalist approach, complete with a slim subwoofer that can be slid underneath a couch. This model is also much more affordable, retailing for $350.

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Sony’s XBR-A1E Bravia OLED TV line will begin shipping in April, and is currently available for pre-order from retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. The HT-MT300 Compact Sound Bar hits stores this month, while the HT-ST5000 Flagship Sound Bar will ship in July. The STR-DN1080 HiFi Audio Video Receiver will begin shipping in May. For more information on the new products, see the Sony website.