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Kube is a boozy boombox you can store your brews in at the beach

The Kube enters into the relatively untapped realm of cooler-speaker hybrids. Yes, that’s a speaker with built-in space for you to store your cold brews. In Kube’s case, you get a whopping 20 hours of playback and a paltry 8¼-gallon interior. Farfetched? Sure. But Kube combines the best of both worlds, letting us easily tote music along to the beach, BBQ, and anywhere else where binge drinking might be involved.

Made of aluminum and a coated polymer, the modern cooler is anchored in three Polk Audio marine-certified speakers. It allows you to pump up the jams to 110 dB with minimal distortion from up to 50 feet away via Bluetooth, while cooling your libations in the meantime.

Photo credit: Digital Trends / Brandon Widder

Photo credit: Digital Trends / Brandon Widder

A battery of internal LED lights help illuminate the storage apartment when you lift the curved device’s curved top, while five buttons let you control playback. The 20-pound Kube is also water-resistant, features a convenient drainage system, and boasts a discrete USB input for quickly charging your mobile device in the backwoods.

However, premium sound and build quality doesn’t come cheap. The Kube is currently available for pre-order at a staggering $1,100, with a tentative release scheduled for May 2015. A smaller version of the high-end cooler is also in the works and expected at a later date.