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Tivoli Announces Tabletop Satellite Radio

From Tivoli’s press release:

Tivoli Audio introduces the world’s first satellite table radio designed exclusively for home use with SIRIUS Satellite Radio.  Tivoli Audio and SIRIUS have joined forces to bring to market an elegantly simple, yet technologically sophisticated satellite radio for home use. The new satellite radio is designed by Tivoli Audio CEO Tom DeVesto, and is based on the popular, award-winning tuner used in the Tivoli Model One, Two and Three radios engineered by Audio Hall of Fame member Henry Kloss. 

“We are a company dedicated to bringing award-winning radios to consumers who demand the most innovative audio products at affordable prices,” says Tom DeVesto, Tivoli Audio CEO.  “As in the past, our intent is to bring to market meaningful, high performance audio products that look and sound great.”

“Our partnership with Tivoli Audio ensures that consumers who subscribe to SIRIUS will receive the very best in commercial-free music, news, sports and entertainment programming in their homes with a radio designed to deliver high performance audio sound,” said Joseph P. Clayton, President and CEO, SIRIUS.  “It is a win-win situation for all listeners who truly love music, and who are looking for the kind of high-quality programming that is seriously lacking in commercial radio.”

The new Tivoli SIRIUS satellite table radio delivers digital quality sound in 61 commercial-free music streams, and over 40 news, sports and entertainment streams.  SIRIUS is the only place where subscribers can hear the entire NFL season, as well as popular programming from NPR, CNN, FOX News and many others.  The radio’s large adjustable cool blue LCD provides multiple display options.  The radio allows for favorite stream pre-sets and searches by artist, song, and stream, and the digital clock sets and updates automatically.  It features the fine analog tuner previously designed by Audio Hall of Fame member Henry Kloss, a device that pulls in even weak FM signals, allowing listeners to tune in more stations compared to other costly radios and receivers.  The Tivoli SIRIUS radio is housed in a finely crafted furniture grade cherry wood cabinet with beige metallic faceplate and champagne knobs.  It comes with a remote control device and a compact indoor/outdoor SIRIUS antenna.  

The new Tivoli satellite radio measures 8-3/8” W x 4-1/2” H x 5-1/4” D and features inputs for other Tivoli Audio components including a companion speaker, Model CD Player and Model Subwoofer. The new radio uses a discrete-component FM tuner technology (GaSa MES-FET mixers) originally developed for cell phones and engineered for the first time in the Model One AM/FM Table Radio previously introduced by Tivoli Audio.  It is suggested to retail for $299.95.  

Tivoli Audio is a company founded by Tom DeVesto, whose long professional association with the late Henry Kloss includes co-founding Cambridge SoundWorks.  The new Tivoli Audio SIRIUS satellite radio will be sold nationwide, beginning Q3 2004, at distinctive retail outlets, or direct by calling toll-free at 1-877-297-9479 or visiting the company’s Web site at www.tivoliaudio.com.