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Toshiba Launches New DLP Projection TVs

Due this summer and early fall, the sets will offer comparable (or better) performance to high-definition plasma sets. The DLP sets are less than 16″ deep, but offer at significant price savings over flat panels. Toshiba claims to extract improved performance out of the HD2+ chip through the implementation of proprietary technology called the Toshiba Advanced Light Engine (TALEN), said to provide high resolution with enhanced brightness and contrast. The sets also include the new “PixelPure Digital Video Processing Suite,” a system that includes 6.2 million pixel oversampling, – for higher perceived resolution with decreased image distortion; “real speed” progressive scanning for smoother diagonal lines; a “Magic Square” algorithm for natural color gradation; a dynamic contrast enhancer; and color and transient detail enhancers.

Further image improvements are due to Toshiba’s “TheaterFine” digital fine pitch screen technology with anti-glare coating, yielding “incredible detail and noticeably deeper blacks.” A high-brightness DC lamp and Toshiba “Seine” processor round out the technological improvements to the picture.

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