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VigoBox, Five Channel Recording DVR

From the company’s website:

Say goodbye to installing a set-top box on every TV in the house.  With VigoBox, one DVR-enabled set-top box per household does all the work. See key features. It is a home media network.

Highly customizable — The VigoBox is highly customizable to Cable Operators’ requirements and technology plan. Select the number of tuners, user interface, hard disk size and more!

Reduces equipment needs — install one set-top box per household instead of one per room, then equip other rooms with smaller VigoLink control units

Lowers costs — equip a whole house for a fraction of the price of multiple conventional DVR-enabled products or digital set-top boxes

Records 5 channels simultaneously — enables cable operators to launch new fee-based services such as recording a few select shows for individual subscribers on an ongoing basis, eliminating the need for users to program their DVRs for regularly viewed programs

Optimizes cable operator revenues — increase margins on monthly set-top box fees and create new revenue streams from multi-channel DVR functionality

Increases revenues per customer— offer DVR service and motivate subscribers to move to higher-end packages by enabling simultaneous recording of more channels

Found VIA Mavromatic.com