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How to cook the ultimate steak 3:28

Could you, in theory, create "the ultimate steak" if you got the best possible cut of meat known to man and cooked it in the most scientifically perfect way possible?

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Jura Giga 5 coffee maker Hands-on review 2:22

What can you expect from a coffee machine that costs over $5,000? Faster service than you’d ever get from a barista and over 20 different choices of coffee drinks. The Jura GIGA 5 can do just about everything required to deliver a sophisticated cup of java…

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Iotas Smart Apartment 1:51

Iotas Smart Apartment If you move into Grant Park Village in Portland, OR, half of the apartments are outfitted with built-in smart devices — though you might not notice the smart lights, plugs, and sensors. That’s by design. Iotas, the start-up that…

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Netgear Arlo Security Cameras 2:55

Netgear Arlo Security Cameras Ten years ago, a home-security camera without wires would have seemed like an obvious fake – a dummy meant to convince thieves someone was watching and deter crime. But that’s not always the case anymore. Internet-connected…

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Frigidaire Gallery french door refrigerator review 1:47

Frigidaire Gallery french door refrigerator review The modern kitchen accumulates more gadgets than the rest of the house combined. From professional-quality juicers to designer enameled mixers to dinosaur-shaped egg timers, your food prep area is likely to…

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ArcSoft Simplicam security camera review 1:58

ArcSoft Simplicam security camera review  The simplicam is small and lightweight, about as wide around as a coffee cup, plus an extra inch around for its silver base. The camera pivots up and down, letting you choose the best angle for capturing footage. Its…

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Samsung Chef Collection dishwasher review 2:28

Samsung Chef Collection dishwasher review The Samsung Chef Collection Dishwasher boasts a unique feature that does away with the conventional rotating arm found in nearly every other dishwasher. WaterWall technology, as it’s called, covers every square…

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Dyson Cinetic Ball upright vacuum 1:50

Dyson Cinetic Ball upright vacuum Dyson isn’t at CES this year, but that’s not stopping the company from unveiling a groundbreaking new product. Today it just unveiled a brand new vacuum –the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball– and it’s just…

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LG Twin Washing Machine 1:05

LG Twin Washing Machine Laundry pedestals are nothing new. The space-saving device acts as a storage unit that goes underneath front-load washers. Instead of using the pedestal as a place to stash detergent and fabric softener, LG decided to turn it into a…

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Samsung DV56H9000e Dryer 2:00

Samsung's plus-sized appliance isn't perfect, but it offers class-leading load size and a wealth of features that anyone can appreciate.

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Samsung WA56H9000ap Washer 2:29

Big, beautiful and quiet, the Samsung WA56H9000A's intimidating price tag is excused by its wide range of features and strong performance.

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Compressed clothes, an icemaker faucet, and more oddities from GE’s home of 2025 3:41

GE's Home of 2025 incorporates current and future technology into a complete re-imagining of what appliances could be and how we will live in the future.

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