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PicoBrew’s Zymatic brews beer with a mouse click 3:32

Automation allows PicoBrew’s Zymatic to crank out brew after perfect brew with a handful of ingredients and water. But home-brew purists are scoffing. Does tech take the soul out of good beer?

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Piper Home Security keeps an eye on your stuff. 3:06

Just a few short month’s ago, Piper was nothing more than a hopeful IndieGoGo project, but Blacksumac has been charging forward at blistering pace since then. Here's a look at how to set up and use the Piper.

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Samsung’s killing it in the kitchen 1:53

We spent some time with Samsung's new Chef Collection fridge and dishwasher at CES 2014. Check out the video to see some must-have new features for your next kitchen upgrade.

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World Maker Faire 2012: An affair(e) for your inner geek child 1:03

We spent the weekend at World Maker Faire and here's a quick look at what you missed at the geektastic affair(e).

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Underground park in New York might be a reality 1:50

Inspired by High Line park in New York two designers are aiming to turn an abandoned space in New York City into an underground park.

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TeleHuman 3D video chat pod brings the future one step closer 1:45

Telehuman combines Microsoft Kinect sensors to display 3D images of people in one pod in another pod somewhere else, as though they were in the same place.

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Engineering Student designs and builds functional Star Trek Tricorder 3:50

Student Peter Jensen created his Tricorder with the goal of expanding knowledge and discovery.

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Artists record 3D ‘sound-sculpture’ using Microsoft Kinects 4:56

A pair of artists have created a digital sculpture of a dancer using movements and sounds captured by Microsoft Kinect controllers.

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Spill your sweat not your brew with Hahn spill-proof beer tech 2:00

Let Hahn Beer solve all of your most common beer drinking problems in these humorous adverts.

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World’s fastest guitar player at 600 beats per minute 7:30

Did you know that you can play a guitar this fast without breaking it? We didn't.

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Hip Hop history through beat boxing 4:13

Take a listen to the beat boxer Eklips traveling through hip hop history through beat box.

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Hands on with an installed Nest Learning Thermostat 8:40

We take a hands-on looks at the Nest Learning Thermostat one of the hottest new products in home automation.

Hands-On Videos

Throwable Panoramic Camera Ball 1:40

Check out this cool ball from some students at TU Berlin. It takes full Panoramic images when thrown into the air.

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Microsoft’s vision of the future 6:17

Microsoft shares a vision for the future of technology and the world.

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Nike Mag: Back to the Future shoes revealed 0:28

Whoo! Nike Mag is actually a real thing. Back to the Future fans rejoice.

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