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Throwable Panoramic Camera Ball

Students at TU Berlin created the Throwable Panoramic Camera Ball. It’s a pretty cool little thing that captures a full spherical panorama when thrown into the air. At the peak of its flight, which is determined using an accelerometer, 36 mobile phone camera modules capture the full image.

You can go into the image afterwards and look at what was behind you when the ball was thrown. You can also zoom in on all parts of the image. 

Now, this isn’t something that is going into a scale of production. According to the website by the students, moving the ball too much or too quickly causes ghosting. It does hint at possible uses in the future though if you could get the cameras to capture moving images.

Being that it’s in a ball form it would be interesting to see cameras inserted into actual sports balls. Just imagine the various angles that could be seen during professional sporting games through a ball camera. It could be pretty cool.