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Game of Homes: 15 houses that look they belong to the Lannisters (or Starks)

It seems like almost everyone will be on the move in Season 5 of Game of Thrones. You can’t really blame them, as many characters don’t really have a home to return to at all. Still, castles and Red Keeps play a big role in the series, and HBO has done an amazing job of bringing to life the stoney facades and opulent interiors of many residences throughout the Seven Kingdoms and beyond.

The medieval vibe of the books is brought to life in the TV show with swords and stones, and it carries through to the décor inside the buildings and residences as well. Of course, it depends what area of world you’re in; Westeros looks very different from Essos, for example. But many of the locations bring to mind knights, lords, and ladies.

Though arches, vaulted ceilings, and gargoyles were popular architectural features centuries ago, you can actually still find them in homes today — and not just ones that have been standing for hundreds of years. Lots of people love incorporating these features into their modern homes, so it’s not unusual to see stone walls festooned with flat-screen TVs in a plush home theater room. Sure, they may lack the dragons and some of the other fantastical elements of GoT, but they’re still pretty impressive.

We rounded up some homes that seem like they’d be right at home in King’s Landing or Winterfell. We can imagine a maester mixing a potion or Arya Stark practicing sword fighting amid the columns and chasing cats among the cellars. There are a couple wine cellars where we could see Tyrion spending countless hours quite happily. Find a chair (hopefully one that’s more comfortable than the Iron Throne), put your feet up, grab some Arbor Gold, and enjoy the gallery. Just watch out for any moon doors.