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Activist Eyewear 10.1 shades wrap modern optics in a classic frame

Brooklyn’s Activist Eyewear values quality over quantity when it comes to their precisely-designed sunglasses. On the surface, the Activist Eyewear 10.1 sunglasses ($450) may look like just another classic Wayfarer imitation style, but the shape is the only thing common about these shades. In honor of the company’s hometown zip code and in keeping with the idea of quality and exclusivity over quantity, each colorway of the 10.1 shades is limited to a production run of 718 pieces. These sunglasses stand apart from the crowd with hingeless Split-Fit ends and custom rubber-fit nose pads, which help bring air in and keep moisture out. The y-shaped ends of the arms are designed to grip your head instead of just rest on your ears, making the fit more secure in active situations.

The sunglasses come with the company’s Activism lenses, which are just as feature-packed as the frames themselves. In addition to the essential UV-protection and anti-glare, the lenses also have an Oleophobic seal to help protect from sweat, water, dust and oils. The company also has an aviator and metal round style available. Each pair comes with a carrying case, lens-cleaning cloth, and two lanyards.