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Air-monitoring device Awair partners with Nest, Echo, and IFTTT

Want to know more about the air you’re breathing? Awair wants to help. When this smart home product first launched earlier this year, it simply collected information on the quality of the air around you. But now, Awair is growing up and learning how to play with the other products on the playground. Bitfinder, the company behind the air-monitoring device, has recently partnered with Nest, the Amazon Echo, and IFTTT to help users of those services and products interact with Awair’s data — temperature, humidity ,CO2, VOCs, and dust — and actually make actionable changes, when necessary, based on that information.

Awair’s integration with Nest will allow users to ventilate a room if CO2 levels are too high, or turn on a dehumidifier if it’s starting to get humid inside. Amazon Echo will allow users to actually ask questions about their air quality and have them answered quickly and accurately — Alexa will simply fetch the data from Awair and relay that information. Alexa can subsequently advise on how to improve air quality and otherwise use Awair’s technology to help make your breathing environment as safe and comfortable as possible.

Even if you don’t own a Nest or an Echo, you can still take advantage of Awair’s new partnership with IFTTT. That means that you can work with WeMo switches to control your air quality, or receive notifications on Slack and monitor air quality factors by way of a Google document. You can even create charts to keep tabs on trends in your air quality, should you be so inclined.

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Ultimately, this new suite of integrations allows for Awair to become a more useful tool — rather than simply telling users about their air quality, the device now helps users actually do something as well. Moving forward, it looks like Awair will be exploring how to make any and all air-quality devices smart, simply by way of an attachment of sorts.

You can purchase the Awair for $199 here.

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