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Turn your baby’s crib into a sleep laboratory with the Nanit baby monitor

This is not the baby monitor your parents used for you. Even infants are now reaping the benefits of technology, as a number of big names in the industry (including executives from Diapers.com and Philips Medical) join forces to create Nanit, the first-ever camera that measures sleep behavior and patterns.

A baby monitor for the truly tech savvy, Nanit uses machine learning to provide sleep insights, including comprehensive sleep reports that promise to measure a baby’s behavior as she sleeps, all without the need for any sort of wearable component. It’s all thanks to the high-tech camera itself, which Nanit says has been “uniquely designed to track and analyze baby sleep patterns using smart algorithms.”

It’s all thanks to computer vision technology, which the company says helps create benchmarks, count sleep interruptions, and contextualize milestones in individual sleep environments. This ought to show parents not only whether or not their baby is asleep, but provide information on the quality of rest as well.

“Like most scientists, I’m driven by curiosity. When I had my son four years ago, I really wanted to understand his behavior, make sure he was safe and healthy, and be the best parent to him that I could. And if I could get some sleep while accomplishing all of this, even better,” said Nanit CEO and co-founder Assaf Glazer. “That’s what sparked my idea to apply my experience building intelligent cameras to my struggles at home and create the first baby monitor that can help parents truly connect with and understand their kids. We’ve added in all of the features that parents like ourselves would want, and we’ve found that by helping our babies sleep better, we sleep better too.”

Among Nanit’s impressive features include Sleep Quality Scores with Daily and Nightly Summaries, which are determined by a baby’s sleep patterns, parent interventions, sleep onset, and total hours of sleep; a high-quality live-stream that is not only optimized for night vision, but also provides time-lapse videos of baby throughout the day; a built-in nightlight and lullaby sound box; and the promise of extensive security measures that will keep your and your baby’s information private.

But of course, if you want to share sleep information with others, Nanit’s sharing capabilities allow parents to broadcast activity and insights with other family members and caregivers in a highly controlled way. And thanks to the Nanit companion app, all information will be stored and accessible in an easy interface. You’ll be able to check out actionable sleeping insights, event-triggered video summaries, behavioral analysis, and parenting tips, as well as observe a heat map demonstrating where your baby moved in the crib.

“I love the sleep quality insights I get from Nanit because they help me better manage my day. For example, if I look at it in the morning and see she didn’t have a good night, I know she’ll need an extra nap,” said Keren M., who resides in Great Neck, New York and has been beta testing Nanit. “Because of the quality, I’m also able to see things that I wouldn’t be able to with any other kind of camera, like if my baby is able to self-soothe, woke up in the night and didn’t cry, or if the nanny put her down at the proper time. I feel it’s my responsibility as a parent to be aware of my kid’s daily routine, no matter where I am or who is taking care of her.”

Nanit says it will begin shipping its camera in the U.S. in September, and you can currently pre-order the next-generation baby monitor for the discounted price of $279 (the retail price will be $349). So if you’re looking for a way to keep tabs on baby, this may just be your answer.