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Power through your afternoon slump with the best espresso machines

As much fun as it is to order a triple half-caf latte from Starbucks — and have the barista slaughter your name — brewing espresso from home often proves more convenient. Not only does it give you the ability to tailor espresso drinks to your exact liking, but it keeps dollars in your wallet and saves precious time each morning. But how should you know what the best espresso machine on the market looks like? To help you sort through the sea of available machines, we’ve narrowed down a list of espresso makers most deserving of space on your kitchen counter.

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From machines capable of whipping up espresso cocktails, lattes, and cappuccinos, to options which brew only espresso, we’ve got you covered. So, say goodbye to your favorite coffee shop and prepare to get caffeinated; here are the nine¬†best espresso machines currently available.

The Best

Breville Barista Express ($595+)

Though Breville’s Barista Express comes in as the most expensive espresso machine on this list, it isn’t without good reason. While most machines require you to either buy finely ground beans, or grind them yourself, Breville includes a conical burr grinder capable of holding up to a half-pound of fresh coffee beans. Why is this important? Freshly ground beans produce the richest and thickest crema on your espresso, and provide a fuller espresso flavor. Moreover, the stainless steel conical grinder maximizes the surface area of each grind, which in turn, optimizes the extraction of flavor. Because of this, even novice brewers have the ability to craft delicious tasting espresso. The Barista Express also features a clean interface which allows you to control the shot volumes, the filter size, and shows you the extraction pressure of your espresso. When lattes or cappuccinos are on the menu, the swiveling, 360-degree steam wands also allow for easy milk frothing and texture. Breville’s Barista Express is the last espresso machine you’ll want to own.

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