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The best washer you can buy

The best washing machines that make laundry day a little less of a chore

Best WashersThere are a surprising number of important choices to make when purchasing a new washing machine: Do you want steam features? Should it be top or front loading? What size is right for your family? We’ve taken a look at the latest laundry tech and narrowed down your choices to the best options currently on the market. Take a look!

Note: It’s often stated that front loaders are better at cleaning and use less water than top loaders, though newer high-efficiency top-load models do away with the agitator for more capacity and a better clean. This means the prices on some top-load machines rival front loaders. Still, when we compiled the list of our favorite washers, it turned out to be top-heavy on front-load machines.

Our pick

EFLS617SIWO Electrolux Washer

Why you should buy this: This machine simply gets clothes cleaner than any other we’ve seen.

Who it’s for: Anyone who’s looked at their fresh-out-of-the-washer clothes wondered if they’re actually clean.

How much will it cost: $1,099

Why we picked the Electrolux Perfect Steam EFLS617SIW Front-Load Washer

The Electrolux Perfect Steam front-load washer might look a tad different with its Nest-like dial, but what’s hidden inside the machine really makes it unique. A special chamber premixes water, stain remover, fabric softener, and detergent, basically whatever you’re adding to the machine, together for a faster, better clean.

Priming the water full of detergent means every drop that touches your clothes will help get them clean, and other products, like softener, are far more evenly distributed than when you dump a capful in the drum itself. It has special settings for blood and chocolate, so you don’t accidentally set the stain by using the wrong water temperature.

With only nine cycles, the 4.4-cubic-foot washer might seem a little light on the options, but you still get steam clean and sanitize settings and a StainSoak feature for tough stains. The SmartBoost technology also lets you get a really good clean in cold water and drops the fast wash down to an impressive 15 minutes (the heavy duty cycle, by contrast, is two hours long). Like other Electrolux machines, you can reverse which way the door opens, and it comes with a guarantee that it’s quiet enough to live on your second floor.

The premix chamber is really what makes the sleek-looking Electrolux shine, and it offers peace of mind that dirt grime, both visible and unseen, is getting removed from your clothes.

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