BioLite camp stove cooks your meal and charges your gadgets at once

A wood-burning camping stove is great for adventurers, but it’s not exactly the most innovative product out there. At least that’s what you’d think. A camping stove that is lightweight and small is a feat in itself, but what about one that could also charge your gadgets? If that’s your dream then you’re in luck, because the BioLite camping stove ($129) does both. 

The BioLite stove works in a traditional manner by burning twigs, sticks, pine cones, or other natural stuff for a nice hot flame instead of using the modern method of burning expensive and polluting petroleum gas. The wood-burning fire is great for roasting marshmallows or cooking a good meal that won’t be flavored with unknown chemicals, but to add to its allure it has a USB port on the front of the stove that can charge just about any gadget you might have on you. The stove converts the thermal energy from the fire into electrical energy that can power your smartphone, GPS, or other USB-powered device. There aren’t any specifics yet on just how fast that charging would be, but we’ve heard word that it will be similar to a laptop USB charging port. 

Those factors plus the stove’s small size and lightweight form factor (it’s about the size of a Nalgene water bottle) make it an enticing buy for anybody who favors camping in the summer or backpacking in the winter. Even if you’re not out on a camping trip, have one of these around and you’ll be grateful when a long power outage strikes. The stoves are available now for pre-order and will ship sometime this spring. 

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