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Disaster in the kitchen? This smart indoor grill will ensure you’ll always get it right

Last September, we dubbed the Cinder Sensing Cooker a George Foreman Grill “on steroids.” Back then, it was called Palate and debuted at TechCrunch’s Disrupt event. It was also labeled a “smart grill,” and while it’s still app-controlled, its creators now deem it a “sensing cooker.”

Cinder App-Ready-to-CookWhat that means, according to Cinder, is that you can cook food at a precise temperature, then sear it all in the cooker, simply by setting a few parameters on the accompanying iOS app or by turning the Cinder’s dial. The beautiful device’s two aluminum non-stick plates have embedded sensors that regulate the temperature to within a quarter of a degree, Fahrenheit. It can caramelize onions, grill a Panini, and sear a steak. You can even cook a frozen chicken breast. If you’re in the middle of draining pasta when the chicken’s done, the Cinder can go into “holding” mode, for up to two hours, maintaining the food’s temperature. The machine can go as high as 550 degrees Fahrenheit, and its sear function can take as little as 45 seconds.

Using the app, you can scroll through the various foods until you find the one you want. You can pick how pink you want your steak, for example, and the Cinder does the rest. The creators compare it to sous vide without requiring water, because it uses a similar, temperature-precise method.

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While Cinder is closer to mass production than it was last September, it’s still not quite finished. You can pre-order one for $500, though it won’t ship until early 2016. Those who order before March 20 have the change to be part of the beta-testing program and can take advantage of the “Food Package,” where Cinder will also send along some steaks or other high-quality items with your purchase.