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Don’t want everyone to know you have a smart lock? Friday is inconspicuous and stylish

A popular smart-home device is one that lets you toss the tacky key ring and gain access to your house through your smartphone. There’s no shortage of them on the market, though many of them are clunkier than your dumb lock. The new Friday Lock aims to be a bit more inconspicuous, coming in several interchangeable styles including wood, steel, and porcelain.

Size matters from a hardware aesthetics standpoint, and this lock’s small dimensions (3.1 inches wide by 1.87 inches high) won’t overpower your front door, as some other smart locks can. It operates off of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing you fidget-free entry upon arrival to your abode.

Friday Smart Lock OptionsCompatible with Apple HomeKit and Thread, the device is installed on the inside of the door, so passersby won’t even know it’s there. Unscrew your deadbolt, insert the baseplate, then attach the Friday lock. If your phone loses juice, you can still unlock the door via the web. The same goes for if you lose your phone. Since the device mounts over most single-cylinder deadbolts, your traditional key will still work when you need a plan B.

If someone attempts to gain entry or tinker with your lock, Friday instantly transmits an alert to your phone. You can also allow  temporary or permanent entry to friends and cancel such settings at any time.

With delivery slated for September, you can purchase one Friday Lock at $99, in either porcelain or steel, which is a steep price drop from its $249 retail price. Premium wood or bronze finishes are more costly at $199. Thus far, the company has raised $25,000 of its $75,000 goal, which means there are still some of those early bird options left.