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Every one of GE’s new Connected Profile appliances has an app to use it smarter

These days, companies want to put a microchip into just about anything, and GE is no different, as its latest line of smart and connected appliances proves. While it isn’t an oven that runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, GE’s Connect Profile series features a ton of new ways to interact with your appliances to minimize your waste and maximize your connectivity.

The Profile series of ovens, ranges, fridges, dishwashers, and even a water heater are all about making it easier to use your appliances while also being smarter about how you use them. All of the new appliances supported by GE will be Wi-Fi enabled, and have an app you can run on your smartphone to interact with them. The idea is that you’ll be able to, for instance, get a head start on dinner by using your smartphone to pre-heat the oven while you’re heading home.


Along with interactivity, GE’s Profile appliances will also feature monitoring technology, letting you see if the laundry is done, if the fridge was left open, or if the dishwasher has a problem — all without leaving your seat. The mobile app shares how much time is left as well as the current settings for your smart appliances. GE is more or less bringing your appliances to life, not quite unlike the fairy godmother from Cinderella.

Efficiency and waste reduction is also a goal with GE’s Profile smart appliances. While monitoring your home, you can also set your water heater to vacation mode if you’re going away for an extended time, minimizing the energy you use while saving you money in the process.

GE says all of GE’s Connected Profile appliances will arrive sometime in 2015.