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Gear Guide: Ultimate music festival packing list

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Unless you have an basic flip phone that lasts for days, chances are the battery on your smartphone will run out pretty quickly. This can be a major problem if you are trying to reconnect with friends after you’ve split up to attend different shows. Luckily, there are several devices available that use rechargeable lithium ion batteries, old-fashioned batteries, or solar power to give your phone or other electronics extra juice. Top left: Solio Classic Solar Charger, $70. Top middle: Callpod Fueltank DUO, $50.

Portable iPod dock
Like most festival veterans know, the party doesn’t stop when the official doors close. If you’re camping with a bunch of other music-lovers, that’s when the real fun starts. Keep the music going, or pump yourself up in the morning with festival tunes blasting from your iPod. Pick up a portable, battery-powered iPod dock to take the music with you wherever you are and avoid running down your car battery like your less-brilliant peers. This version from Altec Lansing will run for up to 24 hours on just four AA batteries. Altec Lansing Compact Speaker System, $50.

Pocket utility knife
You never know what you might need one of these for, but it’s never a bad idea to keep one on hand. This version from Buck is particularly festival-friendly with a knife, corkscrew, and bottle opener. It also easily attaches to a carabiner. Buck 760GRX Summit Knife, $45.

Camping stove or grill
Most festivals involve camping, at least for the hardcore folk, so be prepared and be able to cook some real food for your friends with a camping stove or grill. Trust us, eating cold baked beans out of the can sucks. Making eggs, hot dogs, mac ‘n’ cheese, quesadillas, and burgers on your stove-grill combo, however, does not. Try this propane-powered version from Coleman that has a grill and stove burner that can be used simultaneously. Coleman Signature InstaStart Grill Stove, $90.

Water bottle
It seems like a no-brainer, but considering most festivals won’t let you take water inside, it’s a good idea to bring along a bottle you can refill on the grounds to stay hydrated. No one wants to be pulled out of the crowd by security because they didn’t drink enough water. We like the tough and durable Sigg styles, which come in solid colors as well as artsy designs. Sigg Water Bottle, $22.

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