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GearBox: 10 necessities the cofounders of Grove can’t live without

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Engraved Leather Moleskine Covers + Moleskine notebooks

“A product by Joe. This combo is always in my pocket.  You never know when some glorious inspiration might hit. Moleskines are the keepers of dreams!   I like how the leather wears gracefully with age and the possibilities of laser engraving on leather.” -KT

“I began my Moleskine addiction a few years ago and realized that the plastic spines are too fragile. I designed a protective leather cover that also makes an excellent canvas for engraved artwork. The vegetable-tanned domestic leather covers are reusable and darken to a beautiful honey hue with continued use. It’s great to have a pocket notebook on hand to jot down new product ideas.” -JM

Katachi book

“A book with no words. Just images of classic Japanese forms including stone, wood, and metal.  I’ve often thumbed through the pages for design inspiration and found it there.” -KT  

Engraved Chaboo bench

“One of my first collaborations with Ken. Ken curated a local furniture show, which required artists and makers to riff on one of his signature furniture pieces. I designed and laser engraved a topomap of a portion of the Columbia River and then inset an antique compass into the bench.” -JM

Custom painting by Amy Ruppel

“One of my favorite artists and friends, Amy made this custom painting for me from the template of the Chaboo we collaborated on. Surprisingly this was her first attempt at painting on a non traditional shaped surface.” -KT 

Ortlieb Back-Roller Plus

“These German-made water-proof bike panniers make it convenient and comfortable to carry loads while biking. The bomb-proof construction and expandable design has allowed me to carry vacuum cleaners, saw horses, and planks of wood without having to start up the car.” -JM 

Blaklader Heavy Worker pants (black)

“Great heavy duty work pants. They have these cool utility pockets, which are essentially and functionally like toolbelts. You can tuck them into the front pockets when unneeded. These will last forever.” -KT

Nau Down Load jacket

“Nau’s fully waterproof down jacket really takes the edge off winter bike commuting. There are numerous lined and zippered pockets for cold hands and belongings. The jacket is equally at home on the mountain as it is out on the town.” -JM 

Herman Miller Mirra Chair

“I think of the Mirra chair as the sequel to the legendary Aeron chair.  It’s actually more comfortable with full adjustability. The material in the seat back and bottom is very breathable and resistant to wear and tear and cosmetic blemishes. Truly built to last a generation.” -KT 

Canon 7D camera

“After shooting with an original Canon Rebel for years, the 7D offers drastically improved performance and ergonomics. The low light sensitivity of this camera is amazing when paired with my 28mm and 50mm prime lenses. The video functionality is very impressive but could definitely use some refinement.” -JM

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