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Keep cord clutter hidden away with this clever charging station

As any cat-owner will tell you, chargers are magnets for feline teeth. To keep them intact, it’s best to hide the wires away, but it’s not always easy to find a drawer that’s equipped with an outlet. Tennessee-based Griffin Technology wants to change that with its Cove Home Charging Station, which just launched on Indiegogo. Cove has five 12-watt USB ports and the ability to charge up to five tablets at the same time. Its structure is meant to hide unsightly wires that come with portable gadgets.

Cove has a power input between 110 and 240 volts AC, and its main power cord is six feet long. The device itself is 16.8 inches wide and 7 inches tall, and it comes with UK and EU plug adapters for the utmost convenience. It fits on your kitchen counter, or you could tuck it into your entertainment center.

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Griffen CoveIn terms of its aesthetics, Cove was created with décor-conscious homeowners in mind. Prior to developing the product, Griffin employees conducted field research to learn more about their target audience’s needs. Consumers overwhelmingly showed that they wanted to eliminate messy cables, and they wanted to have a charging station that fit into their living space’s interior design.

With this input, Griffin made sure Cove had a series of softened lines, curved edges and finishes that seamlessly integrate into any décor. Cove also has a low-profile sliding door that closes to conceal devices and cords, and it can tilt to act as a hands-free tablet stand for reading or typing.

The Cove campaign on Indiegogo is running from April 14 to May 12 and will not be for sale in retail stores. The product is slated to ship in late 2015, just in time for the holiday season. During the first 48 hours of the campaign, you can get one for $150, then the price goes up to $200.