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Hands on: After 16 years in the making, Dyson’s 360 Eye is ready to clean house

Dyson made the vacuum sexy, now they’ve made it smart.┬áIt took nearly 16 years to get it right, but Dyson finally has a robot vacuum, and it totally — wait for it — cleans the floor with the competition.

We caught up with Dyson at IFA 2014 and spent some time watching the robot at work. Who knew a vacuum could be so fascinating? With an extremely small-yet-powerful digital motor, tank-like tracks, and a 360-degree image sensor that maps out your room so it knows exactly where to go, it’s got some serious cleaning chops.

Dyson has also created a smartphone/tablet app that lets users wield control over the 360 Eye, and even track the little sucker’s progress. Check out our hands-on video to see this incredible robot in action, find out when you can get one, and how much you’ll have to fork over for it.