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Gadgets to make your Pi-Day pie baking a piece of cake

Cross your heart and hope to die; even if you don’t know the digits that make Pi (3.141592653…), you may still want to indulge in slice of pie today. March 14 is Pi Day, and this year is especially significant, because while it’s typically celebrated on 3/14 at 1:59, because it’s 2015, today it will be super-celebrated at 9:26. The best way to salute the unending mathematical constant is with pie, as it’s more delicious than the movie Pi. The only problem? Pie can be tricky for rookie bakers. That’s why we found about 3.14 x 4 kitchen gadgets that can make it easier to bake a pie. Good luck; we’re square rooting for you.

Emile Henry Artisan Ruffled Pie Dish

Emile Henry Artisan Ruffled Pie Dish$50
One difficult thing about pies is getting them to bake evenly. These pans are pretty beloved for their ability to retain a consistent heat across the pastry. They’re also fairly scratch-resistant, so feel free to attack the pie with forks right in the (cooled) dish.

King Arthur Flour Adjustable Silicone Pie Crust Shield

King Arthur Flour adjustable silicone pie crust shield$10
Protect thy pie crust, no matter its girth, from burns with this shield, stouthearted knight of the round table. So much better than using the FOIL method.

Breville Personal Pie Maker

Breville Personal Pie Maker$80
If you can’t decide on which kind of pie you want to make on this Pi Day, you can make 3.14 — fine, four — different kinds with this personal pie maker. Plus, they’re ready in eight minutes. Eight minutes! But I want one now…

Pizza and Pie Baking Companion

Pizza and Pie Baking Companion$15
This device’s design allows air to flow to the middle of the pie, so it’s not undercooked compared to the edges. This is a good investment because it also helps evenly bake pizza, the most glorious of pies.

Pie Weights

Pie Weights$6
Depending on what kind of pie you’re cooking up, you may not want to bake the filling — like with pudding or custard. In that case, pie weights keep the crust’s shape and won’t let it bubble up. Maybe it’s not a problem you have very often, but at least there’s an effective solution.

Non-Stick Pie and Cake Divider

Non-Stick Pie  Cake Divider$21
Trying to cut a pie fairly is a mathematical puzzle, but this device can help you divide it up, slicing up your masterpiece into seven equal pieces. Hopefully only three of four people want seconds…

White Marble Pastry Board

Sur La Table White Marble Pastry Board$50
If you want to get all fancy with your pie-making, this marble pastry board will help keep the dough from sticking and stays cooler than regular countertop. It might be a little over the top if this is the only day of the year you bake, though.

OXO Cherry Pitter

OXO Cherry Pitter$14
Pi Day is a little early for cherry season, but they’ll be back eventually, and then you’ll wish you had one of these bad boys. There’s no better way to pit cherries, people.

Norpro Ceramic Pie Bird

Norpro Ceramic Pie Bird$3
Admittedly, we’ve never used one of these, but Martha Stewart has a whole video about it. Stick it in the middle of the bottom crust; put the filling around it; then place the top crust over, with a hole for the bird. The bird acts as a vent, releasing steam. According to Martha, she creates the same effect by slicing holes in her pie crust, but that might be above some skill levels.

Nonstick Pastry Mat

Nonstick Pastry Mat$20
Keep your pie dough from sticking as you roll it out, and get an accurate measurement for how its diameter. And it even has a conversion chart for us non-human-calculators.

OXO Good Grips Dough Blender with Blades

OXO Good Grips Dough Blender with Blades$12
Some bakers swear by hand-blending dough. Others feel they lack this magical skill, so a blender can come be helpful for ensuring body heat doesn’t melt all the butter or shortening before you pop the pie in the oven. When the heat from the oven liquefies the butter, it turns the crust flakey. It’s science!

Nordic Ware Pocket Pie Crimper

Nordic Ware Pocket Pie Crimper$9
If there’s one thing Mighty Boosh taught us, it’s how to crimp. This crimper won’t help you win any musical battles against your doppelgangers, but it can make pocket pies, filled with anything sweet or savory. Pi Day lasts 24 hours, after all.

Pyrex Pie Carrier

Pyrex Pie Carrier$13

Pi Day is meant to be celebrated with friends, so tote your pie on over to a pal’s place with this portable pie plate.