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Holiday gift guide for rugged hikers, campers, and the outdoors-obsessed

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If you have a friend with passion for the outdoors, they probably think they have all the gear they need, which is where you come in. We’ve dug up gifts they probably would overlook if not for you, and we bet you’ll be the first person they call when they get back from their next trip. Who knew their outdoor life would be made so much easier by gadgets like this? You did.  

BioLite Camp Stove, $130

Instead of sending your friend off to the mountains with some dried beef jerky and gatorade, the BioLite Camp Stove will allow for a fresh cooked meal – all while using fan power to charge any mobile device. The tiny stove is portable and great for small groups who want more than just marshmallows around a campfire by the end of the hike; it can boil a cup of water in just two minutes, and fires up a skillet in no time. For more info, here’s our review of the BioLite Camp Stove.

SpareOne Emergency Phone, $90

So your friend wants to go on that camping trip to disconnected to our very wired world. That’s perfectly okay, but he or she should also be prepared in case of emergencies. The SpareOne Emergency Cellphone is an ultra-basic phone with no data or text messaging plan, so your friend doesn’t need to worry about being bothered by email, Facebook, or Twitter. It’s used for one thing and one thing only: getting help when help is needed.

Poler Napsack, $130

Any camper knows it can be tough to peel yourself out of a toasty sleeping bag on a cold morning in the woods, so Poler solved the problem with its Napsack: don’t leave the sleeping bag. 

The Poler Napsack is a wearable sleeping bag that somehow manages to be cooler than a Snuggie. The water-resistant fabric helps the Napsack act as an overcoat, complete with a hood, arm holes, and pockets to fit mobile gadgets dearest to the wearer’s heart. Comes in four fun colors.

Quirky Switch Modular Pocketknife, $80

The era of the Swiss Army Knife may be over, but not everyone wants to carry a big, bulky Leatherman with them when they go for a hike. The Quirky Switch pocketknife is designed to be modular so your friend can change and adjust the tools as needed, from screwdrivers to can opener to magnifying lens and magnet. It’s essentially a one-stop-shop for all things tools-related.

ThermaCell Heated Insoles, $130

 Being outdoors means spending a lot of time on foot. Help your friend brace for winter with the ThermaCell Heated Insoles, designed to keep shoes toasty warm for five consecutive hours. They come complete a remote that controls the intensity, and make winter hikes a breeze. 

Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS, $350

There’s no telling what sort of camera-smashing scenario you’ll friend is likely to find him or herself needing to take a picture in, so may we suggest a camera that can take it –whatever “it” is? We reviewed the Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS and can attest to this little gadget’s ability to last through an underwater photography session or a drop in the snowy mountains. The Olympus Tough cam also takes photos that rival the qualities of many DSLRs – all for a non-DSLR pricing.

The North Face Dome Tent, $5,000

If you’re looking for the outdoors equivalent of those commercials where someone gets a car as a gift, look no further than the two-meter The North Face dome tent. This eight-person sleeper features a living space of 125 square feet, dual doors, interior canopy loops, two exterior windows, and a chimney vent to keep fresh air circulating. Also, have you seen how this thing looks? It will make your friend the coolest camper in the forest. Whether or not bears will come knocking is obviously none of your concern.