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Incase introduces A.P.C. collection of denim cases with leather

Incase recently debuted yet another designer collaboration, this time with Parisian fashion brand A.P.C. The clothing brand is a favorite of fashionable folks worldwide for basics like denim and button-downs. Incase has joined forces with A.P.C. to bring Apple users some stylish cases inspired by the brand’s signature denim collection. The collection is crafted with a dark rinse of A.P.C.’s selvage denim and high-quality light brown leather trim and detailing. In the states, the line is offering a plain 15″ MacBook pro case as well as a book jacket for the iPad 2. The look of the products is casual, but upscale, and the prices reflect that: The laptop sleeve comes in at $125 and the iPad 2 book jacket at a whopping $225, a much higher price than any typical Incase products. The edgy printed versions are unfortunately only available at the A.P.C. stores in Osaka, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. While those versions have a bolder personality, we actually like the classic, handsome looks of the plain styles. Looks like another successful collaboration for Incase.

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